Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, awesomest husband!

Today is my sweetheart's 32nd birthday. He's now officially a thirty-something. When I think of thirty-somethings, I think of frustration over career and family and annoyance at not getting to do what you want to do because you have too many obligations. Why is that? Why do I think of negative stuff when I think of the thirties? Clearly, it's not turning out that way at all!

Scott is a happy guy. He spends time with the kids and loves it (except when Callie's having a grumpy day, which seem to be becoming more and more frequent). He takes a little time off from the family here and there to go running or mountain biking by himself, but for the most part, he's here. He doesn't ask to go carousing with pals. He's available to take care of the girls, to support me, to hang out with the family, to enjoy our vacation time together. He's a rock. He's solid and dependable and loving and faithful and devoted and helpful and interested in our lives. He's a servant -- in the best sense of the word. And he's willing to sacrifice for us, but somehow he doesn't make it seem like a sacrifice. He enjoys time with his little family. Maybe more than anything else.

I've been told that Scott's co-workers respect him because he keeps his cool in all situations. I think the exact quote was something like this: "No matter how many times somebody acts like an a**, Scott doesn't raise his voice at them." Which is, apparently, unusual. Life might not be quite this cool at home, but what an amazing compliment, especially in the scream and yell and swear corporate world in which he operates.

I really can't fully express what an amazing blessing Scott is to my life, and to the lives of my girls. I thank God for him. I knew when I was in the years of searching for my mate that a marriage as an equal and respectful partnership was possible. I knew that there were devoted men out there, but I don't think I ever knew it could be this good.

So today I want to say Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to my sweet, awesome husband. Life is fun because you are here.

Oh, right. And it doesn't hurt that he's hot, too! Uh, yeah. I'm a lucky gal.


Mom said...

Awesome blog!! I always knew you were getting a great guy!! Happy Birthday Son!!

Scott Dickman said...

Thanks Hill. Wish I were more gifted in the "words of affirmation" dept like you are. That was very nice.

3boys247 said...

Aw, so cool. Awesome post Hill!

Hope the birthday was great!

Carter was excited to order off the grown up menu, now that he is 11.