Friday, January 30, 2009

How many people are you having over?

That's the question the lady at Whole Foods asked me tonight as she rang me up. Because apparently it's not okay to go through the check out line with over a hundred dollars worth of appetizers. For one little family. As if I didn't already feel nervous enough. I'd forgotten my reusable bags (a nearly unforgiveable sin these days) and I had so much pre-packaged food on the conveyor belt I thought I might be inside some other mom's body.

" many people are coming over? Oh, for the Superbowl? Oh, um...just us. Yeah, we to eat."

We treated ourselves to four pounds of semi-happy chicken wings, some pre-marinaded and pre-cooked shrimp, three bags of potato chips and the ingredients to make clam dip, and a LOT of veggies and the fixins for ranch dip. Not exactly a feast. Well, then there was the root beer. Oh, and two pizzas. But those were for dinner tonight. And they were on sale. And a tin of Kipper Snacks. So that my family can see why I endured much teasing during school lunches when I was a kid. Okay, so maybe we went a little overboard. We really do like to eat, and this really is a serious departure from our usual make-EVERYthing-from-scratch eating habits.

I'm pretty sure the checkout lady at the market tonight was new. I've never seen her before and I'm in that store...well, kind of a lot. Maybe she hasn't learned her checkout manners yet. Just in case she's reading this, I'll offer this tiny piece of advice. And, remember, I know a little about interpersonal communication. Tomorrow when she sees someone with what seems like too much food, it might be better to ask, "So, whatcha doing for the Superbowl?" instead of assuming the customer is having a crowd over to her house. Because some people really do just like to eat.

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Fulton said...

forgetting the reusable bags has really turned into a unforgivable sin to us. we feel horrible when we dont have them... "yeah, go ahead and waste a bunch of plastic..."