Saturday, January 24, 2009

I need to write

Writing clears my head. And right now I need my head cleared. But my thoughts don't make sense yet. I need to write about this new press about Ted Haggard. I'm annoyed -- annoyed with Ted, annoyed with the men who did whatever they did with him, annoyed with the media, and even annoyed with my church. Maybe more sad for my church than annoyed with it. Sad that, while we are trying to help Ted's "victims," at least one "victim" is sharing his story with the media. Are we really that naïve to think that if we help these people and, in return, ask them to keep their stories private, their stories will forever remain concealed? Is that even the best course? Might it have been better to air all the dirty laundry right up front? Maybe not better for the men involved, but possibly better for the church. Will this story ever end? I'm not looking forward to Oprah's show on Ted Haggard but, like a bad highway accident, I don't think I'll be able to tear my eyes away.

A few minutes ago Scott turned on an album from our favorite worship leader, Jared Anderson. Listening to Jared isn't the equivalent of blog-enabled catharsis, but it takes my mind off this mess.

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