Thursday, January 01, 2009

Maybe it's just me...

but this seems like a bizarre, selfish waste of money. I used to think that buying a purebred dog was a selfish waste of money, but that has been far surpassed by this business of insanity. Again...maybe it's just me. My feelings were nowhere near this strong until I read the last paragraph of the article, which says this:

Nina Otto said: "The only problem with dogs is that they have such a short life."

"Cloning means you could have the opportunity to have the same dog with you for your entire life," Ed Otto said.

Honestly, people. You've clearly got more money than you should be allowed. $155K to clone your dog? So that you can have "the opportunity to have the same dog with you for your entire life?" Seriously. It's not the Same Dog. Maybe the same genes, not the same dog. I hope the Ottos also donated $155K to their local animal shelter. Or something. Anything. People with this kind of hubris combined with this much money make me want to puke. What a waste.


Michael said...

it's not just you... i can totally understand the "want" for cloning your dog because i have never owned a dog i didn't love and they have all been amazing, but it's a huge reach to go from missing your dog and wanting more time with it, to cloning it's genes and making that happen. It's like when you finish an ice cream cone(times one thousand)... i enjoyed the ice cream, i want more ice cream, but im not about to go back and buy the entire tub.

Lisa Sharp said...

I also can understand the want but I couldn't do it. I would know it wasn't the same dog and I would miss the first one even more.

My dog I have now was rescued. I think that is the best kind of dog. It's not about the money for me its about the dogs dying in the shelters while we breed more. My rescued dog is wonderful! She is a great Pyrenees/lab and the sweetest dog ever!!!

Hillary Dickman said...

Lisa, I totally agree that rescues are the best kind of dog! And you're right. It is about way more than the money. I literally feel sick to my stomach when I think about how many dogs are being bred at the same time as so many are being euthanized and then thrown in the garbage.

I can understand that there are some people who want a purebred dog for specific reasons -- hunting, herding, assistance, or even just showing that breed in the ring. But, really, that's probably like 2% of the general population, right? The rest of us should be relying on rescue organizations to help us find the right dogs for our families.

I bet a Pyrenees/lab would be an incredible dog!