Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, they grow up too fast!

Brynn at age 3 1/2.

They grow up too fast! Or, at least that's what people tell me. All the time. And I don't really believe them because usually one kid is throwing a ridiculously loud tantrum while the other is begging for a vanilla steamer.

But then today I came across this little gem and realized that, yes, they really do grow up too fast. You see, as I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet to make room for the girls' art supplies and homework, I found a notecard with this written on it:

Mom: Brynn, are you making a movie? Brynn: Yes. It's a scary one called "Dinosaurs eat blankets."

I remember when Brynn said this. She was about three and a half. She had finally learned to talk so that people (people other than her mother, that is) could understand her. She was walking around the house with her Dora camcorder that came in her Dora backpack. She was focused and diligent. And at that age she was just as attached to her blanket (aka: Bubba) as she is now.

I thought it was amusing, that to her a scary movie consisted of dinosaurs eating blankets. So I wrote it down. And the card on which I wrote this nugget was tossed among the waves of remodeling and preschool craft projects and The Changing of the Furniture. And somehow it avoided the trash bag that has consumed so many of my children's precious toys. Somehow this card made it out unscathed. And today I found it, as a little reminder to cherish this time with my kids. Because it really does pass quickly. Maybe even too quickly.

Brynn at age 6.

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