Sunday, February 01, 2009

The backpack

We've got a La Fuma child-carrier backpack that, over the past six years, has gotten a lot of use. In fact, it is still getting use. I carried Callie in it on a long walk last weekend and a shorter walk this weekend. Yes, Callie. Our Callie who is almost four years old. And weighs nearly forty pounds. And is 44 inches tall. When I'm carrying her, I suspect that at first glance it looks like I'm carrying a fifth grader on my back.

Here she was in the backpack at about six months old. Wasn't she a cutie? I can't believe how chubby she was. Thank you, generic Target baby formula, for filling in when I couldn't get the job done!

And here's what she looked like today. Yikes.


Court said...

Can't wait to try ours out. Funny that you put this up today as N and I were discussing this yesterday as we went for a pre-Super Bowl hike. Soon I will be lighter and he will be carrying the bowling ball around! Hopefully my speed will be back to normal since I am now at turtle speed..

3boys247 said...

That must be really good exercise. It looks like quite a workout.

I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out.