Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dogs in the slammer

This isn't about actual prison dogs, like Libbie, but rather dogs who *look* like they're in prison. One of my favorite blogs, Slobber Space, has some photos posted from the McKinney, Texas SPCA. And they're adorable. And artful, like all of her photos. But sad because the dogs look like they're in prison. I guess they kind of are. I mean, they're all on death row, essentially. I wish I could take them all home.

And, as an update to my post about the couple who spent $150,000 to clone their dog, I read an article yesterday on that says they've also donated over $300,000 to their local animal shelter. That's what I like to hear. Booya.

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Fulton said...

there's nothing like some good ole public outrage and pressure to get you to donate 300K. sounds to me like they cloned their dog for 450K.