Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little nervous.

Tonight Scott and I are replacing my hard drive. Because it's an 80gb drive with only one free gig left on it. Not good for someone like me. Too many photographs, too many enormous baby book pages...I keep getting the message, "Your startup disk is almost full." Ooh, makes me shudder. It's scary stuff. So this afternoon we copied the entire hard drive onto one of our external backup drives and now I'm waiting for Scott to finish work (yes, still working at 6pm because his company has gone insane) so we can shut down my little MacBook, flip it over and remove its brain. Oh, so scary. After we take out the old brain, we put in the new one, which has 500gb of storage (ya think that will be big enough?) and try to reboot it and put the old stuff on the new brain. Oh, very scary. I'm not a girl who likes to DIY with her computer. Tile, yes. Trim, yes. Paint, I can do that. I can even reupholster furniture. But open up my computer? Yikes. What if we mess it up? What if my external drive dies while it's transferring the old stuff to the new drive? What if one of the cats jumps up and lands on the computer and blows it up mid-transfer? What if all of my photos and babybook pages and, God forbid, school work disappears? I realize this is irrational, as we do have multiple backups...just trying to let you have a peak inside my overactive brain. Tonight it's firing on all cylinders.

So wish us luck. You may never hear from me again!


Fulton said...

as long as you dont pull out the 80GB hard drive and spike it to the ground, it doesnt matter what the external drive does. If it fails, you start over. I wouldn't be worried about it. We're going to be doing something similar with my home computer soon, it ain't no thing.

Susi said...

good luck! I would be really bummed if I didn't hear from you here again ... I enjoy it!