Monday, February 23, 2009

Mama, who are you waving at?

That was the question Callie asked me today in the car. Once I got past her very poor grammar (we try our best not to end sentences in prepositions here at Our Little Family) I had to think of an answer she'd understand.

You see, on pretty days like today, I love to drive with the sunroof open, let the cool mountain air blow through my hair, and listen to sing-able music on the radio. Or on my cd player. Sometimes my music of choice is Bon Jovi. Sometimes it's the Mamma Mia soundtrack. Often times it is worship music. Either on my favorite radio station, 90.9 WAY FM (they play alternative Christian music), or on my cd player in the form of the Desperation Band, our awesome rockin' worhip band at church. Today it was the Desperation Band. And sometimes when I listen to the Desperation Band, I forget that I'm not alone. And my hand pops into the air because that's what happens to me when I'm thinking about God. It's a habit -- when I'm thinking about God or lifting something up in prayer, my hand pops up and my head tilts back, as if to look up to God and ask for his presence to be made clear to me.

That brings me back to today. We're driving along and I'm rockin' out to the band and my hand is opened up and raised near my shoulder. Callie asks, "Mama, who are you waving at?" I take a second to think and I reply, "Um, I'm waving to God." She thinks for a second and then asks sweetly, "Oh. Did you see him?" I giggle. "Um, no, but I'm thinking about him. And he sees me."

I love my kids' innocence.

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