Saturday, February 07, 2009

This is so sick

I don't think the English language has the words to express how this article makes me feel. Of course, I've never had a very broad vocabulary. So if you want to give it a go in the comments section, feel free. Maybe your words will match my disgust.

Doctor loses license in live birth abortion case

In my (as always) humble opinion, the clinic staffers should all go to prison for murder. Because they sealed a live baby in a plastic bag and threw the baby in the trash. The doctor who trained them should join them in prison. And maybe other clinic staffers should get a lot of training in what to do when an abortion turns into a premature birth. Because apparently sometimes they do.


3boys247 said...

Yeah, tha makes me really sad and sick and mad.

Anonymous said...

How is this any different than if they had actually aborted the baby instead? I am shocked that it is even legal to abort a 23 week old infant, but more shocked at the attitude that it is murder if the baby is out of the womb and a woman's right to privacy if it is still in. Plus, the woman is suing for one purpose: Money. I don't care what she claims to feel. The point of the matter is she went in to have her baby murdered. Just because her sensitive and delicate nature couldn't face it actually happening in front of her as opposed to while she's knocked out doesn't change anything. She went to have her baby murdered. They murdered it. Mission accomplished.

Hillary Dickman said...

Hi, Anonymous!

I'm glad you're here! Yeah, the end result for the baby is the same. The end result for the mom is different. More stress on her during the abortion and more symptoms of post abortion syndrome afterward. On one hand, she deserves to know exactly what happened to her baby, whether in the womb or out. On the other hand, I have to guess that the decision she came to may have been excruciating and her path to arrive at that decision was a difficult one. While I have little respect for her decision, I would offer her grace and understanding, and I would embrace her and walk with her in a better direction.

I agree with you. It's murder whether the baby is cut into pieces within the womb or suffocated outside of the womb. But it makes me especially sick to think that the staffers in that room, after seeing the baby take breaths and writhe in an obvious struggle for life, would still be heartless enough to kill the baby. And I don't care about the fact that the baby was going to die anyway. Yes, the baby probably would have because it was born at 23 weeks. But murder is no solution.

Let there be no confusion: I am pro life. I worked for a pro life organization and taught abstinence in public schools. Unfortunately the law does not always fall on my side. And so when those laws, as liberal as they are, are is a hideous and nearly unimaginable crime that takes place. And that makes me sick.

Fulton said...

i think you sad it right... there aren't any words in our language appropriate to describe such an act. The whole medical staff should be thrown into plastic bags and thrown away.