Saturday, March 07, 2009

Beauty: Inner and Outer

I know that inner beauty is important. I'm trying to help my girls develop the most beautiful hearts and souls possible. But today I've been a little overwhelmed by my girls' outer beauty, especially Brynn's. A few days ago, a friend remarked, "Brynn is gorgeous." "Oh, thanks," I replied, not thinking much of it. But she continued on, "No, really gorgeous. Does she know how beautiful she is?" And I thought, gosh, I don't know that I know how beautiful she is, but I said, "Um, no, I don't think so." And then today I saw it. I saw her not her knowing how she looks, just her being her beautiful self. Maybe my mom-goggles had some extra magnification today, but I thought she looked stunning this morning. This is how she looked as we prepared to leave for Callie's birthday party. I had to grab a shot of her.

And then as we were waiting for Callie to finish her lunch during her birthday party, I saw both Brynn's inner and outer beauty at the same time. You see, my kids like to eat more than most kids. Even if it means sacrificing time playing arcade games or jumping in an inflatable castle. So, as usual, Callie was left at the table eating after her pals had left to keep playing. Like normal kids, they took a bite of pizza and were ready to go back to play. Brynn and Callie ate almost everything on their plate (not because they are forced to eat, mind you, but because they like to eat). Unfortunately, Callie is a laboriously slow eater. If she likes her meal, she works slowly and carefully at eating everything in front of her. Brynn eats at a fast to normal pace, so she was done shortly after the other kids left to play. But I asked her to stay because I didn't think the birthday girl should eat alone. And she agreed. Quickly, happily, easily. She wanted to play, but more than that she wanted to honor her sister. And that might be her most beautiful trait.

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Fulton said...

We see more pictures of the girls than the girls in person, and Liz and I are always talking about how Brynn looks soooo grown up. She really has grown out of being a child and has turned into a very pretty girl. It feels like that happened overnight!