Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bye, bye vein!

Today I had an appointment for a consultation with a general surgeon who does endovenous laser treatment. I was nervous going in -- like, my armpits were dripping and I had clammy hands. That doesn't happen to me unless I'm really nervous. I sat in the waiting room filling out the paperwork and reading the price list (yes, this doctor actually tells you, in writing, how much the vein treatments cost before the consultation -- imagine that) and I wondered if I was the youngest person ever to enter the waiting room. I was surrounded by people ages 70 and over. Hmm...was I in the wrong place? I stuck it out until I got to head back into the exam room.

The doctor checked out my leg and said, "Well, we rate vein health on a scale of zero to six, zero being totally healthy and six being ulcerated. Your veins are a four. They need to be closed off, and it's not just a matter of cosmetics. And your insurance will pay for it." I hate to be happy about being unhealthy, but yay! It's not my imagination! I really do have a problem. And it's going to be fixed. No more throbbing, no more hot spots, no more bulging veins, and, as far as I can tell, no other way to fix it! So I'm not whimping out by taking the medical route instead of uncrossing my legs, exercising more, quiting chocolate, and taking some vein-shrinking herb. Because apparently no such alternative treatment exists.

The doctor will do an ultrasound of my veins in a couple of weeks and then, pending the results of the ultrasound, he'll use a laser to close off my bad veins. In three to six months, the veins will be reabsorbed by my body. The throbbing and pain will be gone and my leg will no longer gross out my ultra-sensitive husband who, today, requested that I not show you any photos of my leg. "It's so gross!" he said. Thanks, Babe. You're so...honest. But your honesty is not what caused me to fall in love with you so you might want to rethink that comment.

I'll hang on to those photos and maybe in six months I'll treat you to some before and after shots. You lucky readers.

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