Saturday, March 14, 2009

Proud Parents

Today I'm a very proud Pappa. Hillary is excited too, but she's under the weather so I'm going to step-up and write a post.

Yesterday Callie really skied. We've been putting her on skis since she was 2, but have never gotten past the leash/hold me stage until yesterday when she took off down the mountain and didn't look back. Hillary and Callie started on the bunny hill at the top of Keystone's first mountain, and by the end of the day she had skied down Schoolmarm (a 3+ mile green run that I learned to ski on almost 10 years ago) at least 5 times. I'm not sure if her sudden improvement should be attributed to her 4th birthday earlier this week, or if she perfected her skills on the Wii. But I do know yesterday was a big day because our family took a huge leap in potential ski fun. It won't be long until the 4 of us are at roughly the same skill level and enjoying the whole mountain together. (Also won't be long before Brynn and Callie ditch Hill and me unless we step up our game. Can't wait to take the terrain park lesson when everyone else in the class is half my age.)

This morning while riding in the car Callie said, "Daddy. I want to ski today." I love it! Here is a quick movie showing some of the fun we had. You'll see Hill skiing backwards followed by Callie in the light pink/dark pink combo outfit and Brynn in Pepto pink from head to toe.

Callie Skis from Hillary Dickman on Vimeo.


Grandpa Foy said...

Yippie! Wish we could have been there to witness Callie taking off on her own. She's already caught up with Grandpa....

Susi said...

wow, that's awesome! She just skied down the slope!?!? It must've clicked! I cannot wait for that day when the 4 of US can ski together - awesome times ahead - congrats!! (Benjamin started this year and loves it; I'm sure Simon will be ready next year - he's such a go-getter!)

Fulton said...

Here is our commentary from watching:
Michael:"that's callie"
Liz:"i know, i read the blog."
Michael:"oh... k... i think im more impressed with Hillary's backward skiing."
Liz:"me too."
Michael:"oh awesome" (referring to the little building)
Michael:"... BRYNN HAS POLES!"

Fulton said...

I didn't mention the fact that Callie is awesome. That is really impressive. I think I saw a bunch of people standing on the side wondering how such a little person is doing so well.

Although I must say, I'm a little distressed about the fact that in about 2 years, your children will have passed both Liz and I in ski talent.

Hillary Dickman said...

Brynn may have already passed you. She is much better than what you saw in the movie. Thanks for your props on the backward skiing. I'm still trying to figure out the transition from backward to front skiing. I'm pretty good at front to back. Kinda like hockey. I could never master that transition from back to front skating, either.