Sunday, March 08, 2009

Callie's fourth birthday party, in pictures.

In pictures, not words, because, well...I'm out of words for today.

By the way, I'm annoyed with Blogger for fading all my photos. The color is always better before I upload them here. Annoying.

Lilly skateboarding.

Is Callie a closet lefty? She definitely did better as a lefty than as a righty.

Receipts for all of Hayden's tickets. He won a lot of them.

Ugh. A Safeway cake. Never before and possibly never again.

Thankfully, she had Brynn and Lilly there to help her with her candles. She was too "shy" to blow them out herself.

Callie's reaction to the card Hayden gave her.

This was Callie's reaction to the gift her dad gave her (two new Wii games). Apparently not what she wanted.

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3boys247 said...

Hayden had a great time!

Happy Birthday Callie!!!!