Friday, April 03, 2009

Back to the mothership.

There's no time to blog. Not when one has returned to the mothership. With one's children. We are too busy drinking these fantastic concoctions. Prize to the first person who guesses what is in the cups. I know one of you knows. And, to be fair I should tell you that the prize is already on the way to the winner's house because I am certain I know who will win the prize. Because only one of you knows what is in those cups.

When we're not drinking UDF drinks while hanging out under the UDF sign, we've been chasing squirrels and climbing the tulip trees along the slantwalk.

And eating at Bagel & Deli. Who can resist a bagel steamed into gooey yumminess?

And we've been entertaining ourselves on High Street while waiting for Coach Blasi to quit talking to the guy in the PT Cruiser and take a photo with us. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited. And after about half an hour of waiting we gave up. We will still be cheering on Miami in the Frozen Four beginning April 9th -- with or without Coach Blasi's photo.

We've been touring campus.

And dreaming about someday becoming a figure skater (Brynn) or a hockey player (Callie).

And of course we did some dancing at the site of the old water tower uptown.

Now we have moved on to our duties as flower girls, bridesmaid, and father of the flower girls. Surely we will share more about that later.


Court said...

Yummy! PB milkshakes! Did you do vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Those pictures are awesome! It really makes me miss MU and B&D. We were talking about going through Miami if we drove back after our move. I was hoping that I could get Ana into Mac N Joes. Have fun in O-H-I-O.

Hillary Dickman said...

Your prize is on the way! Or maybe it already arrived. We had vanilla ice cream with chocolate milk and PB sauce. The girls were unfortunately not thrilled.

Funny that our first back and fourth communication after the birth of your first child would be about PB milkshakes.

It was fun to be at Miami but it was also fun to leave. I'm so glad I'm not in that part of my life right now. Going to school at Miami is a little like living at Disneyland.

Jennifer said...

Hillary, these are great pictures! Thanks for visiting Ohio. It was so great to see you all.

Julie said...

Mmmm...nothing like a UDF milkshake!