Friday, April 10, 2009

NCAA Hockey Championship

Miami plays in the NCAA Hockey Championship game Saturday at 5:00 PM MT. We'll be watching on ESPN after a fun day on the slopes. Founded in 1809 and named after the Miami Indian tribe, it is one of our nation's finest universities. Alternately known as The Cradle of Coaches, The Harvard of the Midwest, a Public Ivy, J.Crew U, and (of course) the annoying Miami of Ohio, Miami is one of only four universities that has produced both an American President (Benjamin Harrison) and a Superbowl Quarterback (Ben Roethlisberger). For those who aren't familiar with Miami, here are a few links. Educate yourselves. Miami University and Miami Hockey.

Maybe we're a little biased. Hillary has two degrees from Miami, I have one, my brother and his wife both have degrees from Miami as do multiple cousins and an uncle...I think. Hillary's brother graduated from Miami, too. And Hillary and I are a Miami Merger. Am I forgetting anyone?

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