Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let me remind you...

of why we love the Walk for Life. The Walk raises money for Life Network, an organization that Scott and I respect tremendously. Life Network is a multifaceted organization, but my favorite aspect of it might be their Life Steps program. It fills a deep void in our community by training expectant parents (both moms and dads, but mostly moms) in how to successfully raise and care for their children. Here is an excerpt from an old blog post I wrote about the Life Steps program:

This is a program with a capacity for just over 100 pregnant women at a time. They are given opportunities to take parenting classes, childbirth classes, classes on how to recognize different types of abuse in their children, they learn about nutrition, how to install a carseat, and other topics offering these parents the life skills required to raise a child successfully. As the women attend classes, they receive points that they can use in the baby store. The baby store is a bright, happy, cheerful place where hundreds of new and very gently used baby outfits hang, baby toys crowd the floor, quilts made by members of the community pile up in the closets, and baby accessories fill the drawers. The women in the program use the points they earn from taking classes to buy stuff for their expected baby. The program is always full and always maintains a waiting list of women who would like to take classes and use the store. Unfortunately, there's just not enough room to accommodate the need in our community.

When people hear we are raising money for the Walk for Life, I want them to know that the Walk isn't about abortion or not abortion, abstinence or not abstinence, it's about offering women in crisis a real opportunity to turn their lives around and to make the very best out of a difficult and unexpected situation.

When Scott and I became pregnant with Brynn, the pregnancy was not planned. Thankfully, I had a husband with a good job, we had a great place to live, and we had support from our friends and family. Despite the fact that everything was going my way, the pregnancy was a psychological and emotional shock. Imagine how much more difficult an unplanned pregnancy would be without all of that support -- there are plenty of women in that situation. Those unsupported, unplanned pregnancies are part of the reason Life Network exists -- to ease the burden on these new moms and dads who didn't foresee a baby at this point in their lives. When I think about the number of children who are saved from a future of abuse or neglect because their parents have received an education in parenting from a program like Life Steps, I see the face of my city changing.

Scott and I are proud to support an organization that takes care of women and children the way that Life Network does. Please join us in supporting them.

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