Friday, May 22, 2009

Maybe we should all be on Plavix...huh?

I had a funny conversation with my vein surgeon yesterday. He was performing an ultrasound on my leg to see how I was healing from the surgery last week. As he worked his way up my leg he said things like, "Perfect," and "This looks good," and "Wow, it's healing really well." When he finished the ultrasound we talked for a few minutes about how it my leg has been feeling and how I've been treating it. Then he said this (with a smile):

Dr: You're healing so well -- maybe I should put all my patients on Plavix!
Me: (smiling) Maybe I'm healing well because I eat a really good diet and I'm not on any other drugs. (Then I started blushing because I just love it when I think I'm right.)
Dr: (smiling) That could be true!

I'm on Plavix because I am prone to clots (care of Factor V Leiden). Most of this doctor's patients are on aspirin before and after surgery in order to reduce the risk of surgery-related clotting, but apparently I'm healing faster than most of them do. So he automatically attributed the fast healing to the one variable he knew was different -- the drugs. I am on a different drug, that is true. But I don't eat fast food (well, except for Drifters, if that counts). I don't eat much (if any) processed food. I exercise...moderately. I have recently started taking a very high quality multivitamin that is full of both antioxidants and chelated minerals. And I'm not on any other drugs which, taken in combination, could slow down healing time.

It's been a while since I sat face to face with a doctor who worked in the traditional medical-model world where, if something is wrong with you or if you're at risk for something, you use pharmaceuticals to fix it (versus living a healthy lifestyle). I do not believe that all pharmaceuticals are bad all the time, but I do believe that we become healthy by living a healthy lifestyle, not by relying on pharmaceuticals to falsely bring our body chemistry into what current science says is appropriate.

So, yes, I'm on Plavix and will continue on it for another week and a half or so, until my risk of clotting has decreased significantly. And then I'll go back to my healthy diet and only-as-much-as-I-must-do exercise regimen and I'll keep taking my vitamins and minerals. And I will continue to believe that I am healthy because I have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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