Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This year's recital

The girls both did awesome in their dance recital last weekend. Both of them knew their dances pretty well (a bit of a contrast to last year's recital), Brynn danced well with her dad and Callie did a great job of improvising when her dancing partner got stage fright and wouldn't participate!

The dance the Brynn was in, Cinderella, brought tears...and not just to my eyes. I found out afterward that there were Army guys crying, Air Force officers tearing up, and dads all over the building asking their wives why THEY didn't get to do THAT dance with THEIR daughters. I'm so glad that Brynn and her dad got to share such a special song together!

Here are some photos of the evening.

This is Callie improvising...

And a very tired Callie yelling at me, "NO! I don't WANNA be in any pictures!"

Brynn and her friend Coleman, who graciously and sweetly came to watch Brynn dance, and brought his whole family with him!

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