Saturday, June 06, 2009

Callie's new chair

For Callie's third birthday we redecorated her room. That was over a year ago. Here is a post with a couple photos of her room when it was almost finished...except for her new chair. When her third birthday came and passed, again, over a year ago, I was planning to get her new chair done ASAP. It was an old chair, actually, that a friend had picked up at a garage sale and then when she moved out of town she gave the chair to us, knowing I have a penchant for laborious upholstery projects.

I finally got around to starting the chair last September, as, nine months ago. I worked on it for about three days straight and then took a little break. Well, a long break. I had a feeling I might run out of fabric and I didn't really want to face that. It seemed like an obstacle too challenging to tackle. But Callie kept asking for her "new chair." So, I went back to work on the chair last weekend and finished it a few days ago. And I did run out of fabric. Oops. So I finished the skirt with cording wrapped in ribbon instead of cording wrapped in matching fabric. No biggie. I like to work on the fly. It's pretty much how I roll. Well, okay, sometimes. Because I guess I'm a control freak at heart. But wouldn't it be fun to work on the fly? All the time? Sigh. I just don't have it in me.

Anyway, here's her chair. No before shots, sorry...just imagine the same chair wrapped in gold velvet. Awesome, I know. How dare I rip it off? The seventies are totally coming back! Oh well...

Callie paid the chair (and me, I suppose) a huge compliment the first time she curled up in it in the corner of her room. "What do you think?" I asked her. "It's cozy," she replied. Perfect.

Oh...the goofy looking orange pillow? That was a J.Crew sweater that I accidentally shrunk in the dryer. I couldn't part with had been one of my favorites. So I cut it off across the chest and made it into a pillow. That, my friends, is what we call "upcycling." Thank you very much.


Court said...

Looks great! I have a chair that I have been too scared to do myself, and too cheap to take in. Love the pillow, but I miss scrounging through your Goodwill piles.

Laureen said...

Hill, that is awesome!! You are so talented!