Friday, June 05, 2009

Close encounter with the neighborhood bobcat

My heart is pounding.

Usually when we see a bobcat in our yard, we are inside looking out. Not outside trying to keep the bobcat from eating one of us.

Not today.

I was trimming Callie's bangs with my back to our yard, trying to figure out what to use as a bribe to get her to Look Up At Me Not Down At Nacho. Nacho was lounging by my feet. Brynn was chatting -- imagine that. Then I heard Libbie behind me, barking furiously. The same bark she uses when a stranger is walking up our driveway, except we were in the backyard and there were no strangers around. I swung around and saw Libbie standing at the edge of our yard, face to face with the neighborhood bobcat. That cat needs a name. How about Scary? Does that work for you? It's the only name that's coming to mind right now.

Scary was staring at Libbie, Libbie with her fur standing on end and her toughest bark coming from deep down in her belly. They were face to face, maybe a yard away from each other. Scary wasn't scared. Scary was looking at Libbie as if Libbie would make a tasty dinner. Libbie, my forty pound mutt. Wait, forty pound protective mutt. I sprinted toward them screaming and waving my arms, trying valiantly to keep my dog from becoming the main course in Scary's dinner tonight. I yelled at the girls to go inside, lest they see Scary eat our dog. Then I yelled, "Somebody, get me a gun!"

As I screamed and ran around like a lunatic, Scary looked calmly at me. Scary still wasn't scared. Scary turned around slowly and sauntered to the top of the hill to a neighbor's lawn. Once Scary got to the top of the hill, Scary slowly and casually turned around and sat, as cats will do, and looked down at all of us. Maybe Scary was waiting for me to go inside? So that Scary could take down my mutt? Maybe Scary just wanted to observe the chaos Scary had created? I don't know. Eventually Scary left. Eventually Libbie left her post at the corner of the yard where she was on guard. We all came inside and tried to let our pulses return to normal.

My heart is still pounding. Scott just brought Nacho back inside. Maybe now I can relax.


Susi said...

ahh, you make me laugh - you write so well :) I didn't realize bobcats were a real threat to us. When I saw one last year meandering up our street, I took a picture because I wasn't really sure what it was - it was huge. Wildlife folks said it was a "very healthy" bobcat, and I was lucky to sight one because they're supposed to be very secretive. I hope Libby will never be attacked by our wildlife here!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a gun?

Laureen said...

Scary stuff! So glad everyone is okay.