Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First swim meet

Brynn swam in her first swim meet today. It was an intrasquad meet and we ended up cutting some events to shorten the meet since it was approximately twenty degrees below zero. Brynn swam a 25 free and a 25 back and did great. We are proud of her! Despite the cold, she and Callie both had fun.

Thanks to Scott for taking photos during the meet!

Ready for her streamline.

Posing for a team photo with the yellow team. The whole team was split into four smaller teams for this meet.

Getting some last minute instruction from the big kid helpers on the team.

Whoo. Big breath.

Once Callie settled in, she was pretty good at hanging out and watching the meet.

Keeping warm in the baby pool between events.

Mom working the clerk of the course while trying to stay warm.

Backstroke. I like her shoulder roll!

Not sure why they're grimacing.


Fulton said...

oh that brings back so many memories... looks like fun!! (minus the cold)

3boys247 said...

Great job Brynn!!

Love Grandma said...

Yea, Brynn, thats awesome!! Great job!!