Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A new milestone

The milestones most people keep track of are the first step, first tooth, first hair cut...you know...those sentimental firsts, right?

How about this one: first time throwing up in a trash can or toilet? Because, really, that one makes more of a difference in my life than the first haircut or first tooth. That's the one that means I don't have to change the sheets five times in one night or make my kid sleep in the bathtub. That's the milestone Callie hit this weekend. Scott and I heard her little voice early Saturday morning saying, "Brynn, I feel like I'm going to frow up." Brynn came down to our room. "Mom, Callie says she's going to throw up."

"Yeah, um, just get a garbage can and put it next to her bed." I'm a proactive mom, can you tell?

A while later we heard Callie up and about, so I figured the feeling had passed and she was fine. I left for swim practice and didn't really think more about it. When I got home, Brynn had some good news for me.

"Mom, Callie threw up twice while you were gone. Once in this trash can and once in that one."

"Yeah," Callie said, "And then I had a vitamin and now I'm fine!"

Wait, she threw up in the TRASH can?? Not on the floor? Not on her sheets? Not on her beloved Banky? I don't have to do any laundry? Daddy didn't have to clean the carpet? Say it ain't so! My little baby can make it to the trash can!

Hallelujah. I love milestones. Especially the ones that make my life cleaner!


Laureen said...

OMG! That is a mile stone. I was at your house once when Callie got sick all over her bed. yuck
Yea, for Callie growing up. I hope she feels better.

Laureen said...

Very cute picture of Callie by the way!