Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Second swim meet of the summer.

I love competitive swimming. That's all there is to it. It's in my bones. I was raised on it and in the summer it's all I want to do. Luckily, my kids dig it. So far, at least.

Brynn swam her second 25 free and 25 back today and her first 25 breaststroke. She DQ'd in breast, which was not a surprise (she finished with only one hand on the wall and may have had a few flutter kicks in there somewhere, but her kick was solid other than that). She nearly knocked a few seconds off her free time, but failed to touch the wall when she got to the other end, so she ended up actually adding a few seconds. Oh well. Her backstroke, though, rocked. She knocked off nearly eleven seconds. (!!) So, yeah, that means she wasn't going very fast the first time, but I'm stoked none the less. Before her event we had a little talk about turnover and shoulder-rolling and I think she took the turnover bit to heart, which was thrilling to see!

Brynn's at the bottom of her age group (she's six in an 8&under age group) so this year is all about learning the fundamentals and, I have to say, she's doing that well. She's improved tremendously in the past three weeks. It's such a joy to share swimming with her!

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Stacy said...

So cool Brynn! I am so proud of you. Aubrey loves to look at your swimming pictures... she loves the pool too! Keep it up girl!