Friday, August 14, 2009

Adios, Cocos!

A little old man arrived at our place today to climb the coconut trees and cut down the coconuts. At this point, it appears that our coconut trees have been neutered. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Here is the coco-cutter at the top of the first tree. He climbed up using a few ropes tied around himself and to the tree, moving the ropes up as he climbed. Then he pulled out his machete and started whacking the palm branches and the coconut bunches.

And here are some of the coconuts on their way down. The coco-cutter is lowering them down on a rope.

We grabbed a few of the bigger coconuts and will take them to someone who has a machete and can open them up for us. Scott and I love the coconut water inside the coconut and we really love the coconut meat, especially when soaked with lime juice and sprinkled with salt and dried chili peppers. Callie likes the meat with salt and lime and Brynn sort of likes the juice, but not so much the meat. It costs us the equivalent of about a dollar fifty to buy a coconut at our local fruit stand. The woman there pours out the water into a to-go bag and then scrapes out and cuts up the meat. Happily, the fruit stand is between here and the girls' school. Very convenient! Scott and I may eat a lot of coconuts for breakfast this year. Hopefully the woman at the stand will crack open our home grown cocos for us for just a few pesos.

Here is the bulk of the cocos safely on the ground.

There were also quite a few big ones that did not make it to the ground safely. They grew separate from the rest of the bunches of cocos and had to be lopped of and tossed to the ground, leaving quite an explosion of coco-mess around the patio.

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