Friday, August 14, 2009

Amigas nuevas

These two sweet cousins, Cynthia and Rami, live across the street from us. They befriended Brynn and Callie a few days ago and, ever since, the four girls have been playing for hours at a time. They color together, they adorn themselves with LOTS of jewelry and sing along with Miley Cyrus, they play with the girls' Woodkins, they swim, they eat, they play games...the four of them together seem to have lots of fun.

Cynthia speaks a little English and is really good at thinking of different words to help me understand what she is saying (or to fill in the blanks for me when I don't know a word, since my Spanish vocabulary stinks). She's very outgoing and fun and a very good swimmer. She's seven years old, almost a year older than Brynn. Rami is a few months older than Brynn, cannot swim, and is much quieter than her older cousin. Brynn says Rami is "gentle and sweet." Rami speaks no English and has a harder time helping us understand what she is saying.

Today Rami and Cynthia asked me to come in the pool with them and Rami promptly grabbed onto me and tried to get me to teach her to swim. I was happy to help, but not terribly successful. Although, I did get her to blow "burbujas" while under water instead of holding her nose. I'll consider that (and pulling out the word "burbujas," that was a proud moment) a small victory.

Callie was not happy about having Rami take me over for a while. Her attitude in the photo was pretty much how she acted the whole time I was in the pool. A little green with envy. All I can say is, it's a good thing she's the youngest kid. She'd never stand for a younger sibling. Whew.


Bri!!! said...

Hi Hilary,

I just started following you blog (not sure why I didn't add you sooner, I'm so bad about that). Looks like you are living in paradise. What are you doing in Mexico? So you will be there a year? What part of Mexico? What a neat experience. Anyway, you are now on my blog roll so I will know what's going on from here on out.

Hillary Dickman said...

Hey, Bri! I thought about you and Dan as we drove down I-25 through Albuquerque on the way here. What gorgeous mountains you have there. I can see why you love it so much!

We are on the west coast of Mexico a little north of Puerto Vallarta. We're planning to be here 11 months, just long enough for our girls to complete one year of school immersed in the language and culture. We really came just because neither one of us has had an extended immersion experience and we wanted to do it both for us and for our kids. We've spent some time in this area before (my dad lives nearby) and really enjoyed it. So we figured, if we can make it happen for a year, why not?

Thanks for tracking us down!