Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...another one bites the dust!

Two loose teeth down, one to go.

This one was loose, but not ready to fall out until Callie smacked Brynn on the head which caused Brynn to hit her mouth on the side of the pool. So, the official story is that Callie knocked out Brynn's tooth. Much blood was shed. And tears, too. But all are recovered and smiling now.

A little update on our adaptation to life here in Mexico...so far, we've been without running water for nineteen and a half hours. But who's keeping track? If I can find a shovel, I may dig a latrine in the back yard.

The water stopped running last night while Scott was doing dishes. We thought maybe everyone's was out but my Spanish is so terrible I didn't think I could competently explain to our neighbors what the problem was or figure out whether or not their water is running. We don't even know which of our neighbors (if any) have running water.

This morning when I awoke to still no running water, I called our house manager to see if he could help. He sent someone over to look at our water situation. He took a cursory glance, said he had to return home for a moment, and hasn't come back. That was about four hours ago. Hmmm.

And one other situation of interest...we thought the girls would be starting school on August 17th but found out today that school apparently does not start until the 24th. That's a bit of a bummer, only because they are starting to get at each other and could use some diversion.

So...the adaptation process continues. Some challenges but, overall, still honeymooning!

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