Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brynn's first day of school

After much confusion, Brynn finally had her long-awaited first day of school today! You see, the school told me that all schools in Mexico start in the third week of August, which I took to be the 17th. Then a few days before the 17th I got an email saying they would start on August 24th. Then, a few days before the 24th, I got another email saying that our kids' school is going to have a staggered start, bringing a few kids back at a time to make the transition to starting school easier. That means my kids are starting on the third and fifth days of school (Brynn today, Callie on Friday). I still haven't figured out how that makes the transition easier for my kids, but I'm rolling with it.

Here's Brynn on her way out the door this morning. Her smile betrays what she was actually feeling, which was quite nervous.

Walking toward the entrance to school. Very pretty!

Standing in front of her school. Again, she's admirably good at smiling on the outside when on the inside she's shaking. I'm certain we won't see the same thing out of Callie on Friday. With Callie, what you see is what you get.

Callie's classroom.

Brynn's classroom.

I realized as we left the school that I haven't even given them an emergency contact number. We have a Mexican cell phone and a Mexican local phone. We even have a street address! But...the school doesn't know any of it. Hmmm...maybe if she needs help, they'll just shout and I'll hear them?


lucythevaliant said...

oh, she's so cute! Hope she had a good first day!

cjd said...

Hello! How close are you to Puerta Vallarta? Looks like you are having a great time!

Hillary Dickman said...

Hi, cjd! Thanks for asking!

We're close enough to Puerto Vallarta to be able to shop at the big grocery store and Costco occasionally! So, not TOO far.

cjd said...

Jeff and I are going to be in PV next week....I didn't realize you were near there until I read your blog yesterday :) If you have any suggestions for good places to visit, eat, or have a night free for dinner...let us know!

cjd said...