Saturday, August 08, 2009

Finally gone!

Brynn's front tooth has been loose since...well, I can't even remember when it started getting loose. But all summer long, my friend Laura was wiggling Brynn's tooth and twisting it and trying to get Brynn to let her yank it out. It finally came out today, but not at the hand of a tooth-crazed friend. Instead, Brynn's snorkel knocked it out while Brynn was swimming in our pool. She didn't even notice it was gone at first -- I saw blood on her chin and said, "Brynn! Where's your tooth?"


She found the hole with her tongue and smiled. Then she got a little panicked because she couldn't find the tooth. Her Spanish isn't good enough to allow her to write a note to the tooth fairy down here explaining her predicament. Luckily, daddy came to the rescue, donning his goggles and snorkel, and found the lost tooth on the bottom of the pool.

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grandma said...

Yay Brynn!!