Sunday, August 30, 2009

Local food, Mexican style.

Just because we're living someplace where we don't speak the language and where we can't figure out where the butcher gets our meat doesn't mean we've totally given up on our commitment to local food!

We're committed, oh yes! Committed to eating a pineapple at least every other day, a papaya every three days, and several kilos of tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro and onions every week. Oh, and the limes. Can't forget those. We go through those little limes like crazy. It's such a treat to have such bounty grown within a hundred (or, at most, a few hundred) miles of where we live.

Last night, though, was a special treat. My dad and his wife, who have been living in this part of Mexico for almost two years, went out fishing yesterday morning. They caught a Dorado (the Mexican name for Mahi-Mahi) and a few Needlefish. The Needlefish went into a great ceviche that we ate for appetizers and for dinner we ate the Dorado, seasoned in salt and pepper and very quickly pan-fried in a little butter. Along side it we had papaya salsa and cardamom basmati rice. Okay, so the rice and cardamom came from India via Colorado (a girl's gotta have her Indian food, despite the carbon footprint) but the rest of the meal was local!

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Julie said...

Mmmm...that looks so tasty! It's funny how flip-flopped our "local" foods are from yours now - cardamom and basmati rice are relatively local to where we live, but all those fruits and veggies you mentioned have to come from far, far away. We've had to temper our efforts to eat locally since moving here (unless we develop a taste for sand!)