Friday, September 11, 2009


Can I just vent? Just for a second? Because living in a beach town in Mexico is not a vacation. Not that I thought it would be, but we seem to be getting slammed at the moment.

Scott's Cherokee is leaking transmission fluid and nobody seems to be able to/want to fix it. Three mechanics (one a "transmission master") and it is still leaking. Luckily, car work is cheap here. We think it needs a new gasket between the transmission and the engine, but nobody wants to take out the transmission to fix it.

The dog across the street got hit by a car three days ago and has a broken leg and her "family" won't do anything about it. We just found out about it today, so for now she is our dog, as I'm getting her leg fixed (no easy feat since most vets don't have x-ray machines).

My cats have fleas. Especially Nacho. We don't have fleas in Colorado. Fleas suck. The cats are now on Frontline to try to kill the fleas. Libbie has been on Frontline for a few months now and she still has the occasional tick and probably has fleas too.

Our local phone is not working because we didn't pay the bill, nor have we payed our electric or internet bills. I don't know where to go to pay them or how much we owe. I hope our electricity and internet don't get turned off while Scott is working.

This is the busiest work weekend of the year for Scott and he worries that our electricity will go out (it does often) in the middle of something important. It probably will go out. And he may have a breakdown.

Cell phone service in our town seems to be down for the day. That includes Scott's American AT&T phone. So if the electricity and internet go down, he will be totally isolated from work. Did I say already that it's the busiest weekend of the year?

On Sunday, Scott is leaving for LA (where dependable electricity and internet service exist). He won't be back til Thursday. At least he'll return with more chocolate. And probiotics. And natural peanut butter. And natural mosquito repellent. And lots of other goodies...assuming he doesn't get stopped by the new, more vigilant customs agents.

Callie still has swimmers ear that went deep and never responded to oral antibiotics (17 days of them) so I'm keeping her off sugar (as much as possible) and on probiotics, garlic, and vitamins to see if we can power up her immune system to kill off the nasty little bug. I wish she would nap.

The good news: we've met some new friends here and they invited us to come over for dinner on Saturday night. With gelato for dessert! That will be fun!

More good news: Callie's teacher says she's doing great at school and adapting well. And she has a good friend.

Every transition has its challenges, no? That's where we are now. But we're still happy to be here!

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