Monday, September 21, 2009

Fair Warning: This might induce queasiness.

Remember Alondra? The dog with the broken femur? We rescued her from the family across the street about two weeks ago and took her to the vet to get fixed up when it was clear her family wasn't going to do anything about her broken leg. She had surgery last week and, since then, has been recuperating in our house. She clearly LOVES her family and wants to go home, but we're not comfortable sending her back just yet. Here's why:

See the metal rod coming out of her leg? The thing that makes her look like dog-on-a-stick? Dog yakitori? Yeah. Freaky, right? I can't send her back to her family like that. Especially since I lack both the Spanish vocabulary and the grammar to explain what is up with the skewer in her leg. Oh, and then there's the fact that I don't really know why it is sticking out of her leg.

I don't know a lot about orthopedics (wait, strike that -- I don't know a LITTLE about orthopedics), but I am making an educated guess when I say that I think the rod is somehow attached to her splintered femur, keeping her femur in place and letting it heal properly. I believe there are screws involved since, when I returned to the vet's office and they weren't yet finished with surgery, I could hear the screwdriver working. I think I might have seen something like it on the Animal Planet show, Emergency Vets. Only those episodes never ended with a dog who had a rod sticking out of her leg. Hmmmm...

She has another appointment with the vet tomorrow. He said he might be able to cut the rod shorter at that visit, if it is "obscuring" her. We got that word from a Spanish-English dictionary, which we were using to try to understand each other after Alondra's surgery. I think he meant that if the rod is getting in her way, he can cut it shorter tomorrow. I'm hoping that at some point he plans to remove the rod totally and I'm really hoping that she can go back to her family long before that happens. I'm thinking it will be months before the rod comes out, if the rod comes out.

On a side note, you should know that the photo above was taken of Alondra lying down in one of our showers. How cool is the floor? I gotta give credit where credit is due...Mexicans are quite artistic and thrifty, too, using whatever is around as building materials. Inspiring!

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