Friday, September 04, 2009

Here is our beach!

As you can see from these shots, our beach is always very crowded. Um, wait, I mean, there's never anyone on our beach? It sometimes seems abandoned? Yeah. That's more like it. I'm sure it will get more crowded as tourist season approaches, but this beach doesn't tend to attract a lot of people because the waves here are pretty rough. They break right at the edge of the beach, making it difficult for most people to get out into the water. It is a great place to sit and watch a sunset or have a quiet time, though! A swim-able (albeit more crowded) beach is only a five minute drive from our house.

This first photo is looking south from the north side of the beach. I'm not sure what the deal is with the tire tracks, but there seems to be a new set of tracks every morning.

Looking north toward my girls' favorite playground, the rocks!

These are the houses that overlook the north side of the beach. Ours is not one of them.

See? Favorite playground, I tell you.

The awesome blue-green water crashing on the beach.

I think Callie has beach colors in her eyes. Sandy yellow in the middle, fading to dark blue-green on the outside.

Even if they can't swim on our beach, they can still run around and enjoy it!

This is the south side of the beach, looking toward the north end where the rocks are. This is the end closest to town.

And here is the entrance to town from the south end of the beach. It's a very cute little downtown.

And this is not near the beach, but I thought you should see my little grocery stand. I left it out of the tour a few days ago by mistake. This is where I buy ripe local fruit and veggies for cheap! It's less than a five minute walk from our house. My most recent purchase here was a huge pineapple for 15 pesos, the equivalent of...oh, about $1.10. :)

For more photos of us enjoying the beach and the rocks, try this Picasa album.

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lucythevaliant said...

Oh, those girls are so lucky! They will always have such great memories of this adventure!