Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Petunia and Bubbles

Last night I returned Alondra, aka Yakitori Dog or Dog-on-a-stick, to her family across the street, complete with instructions for giving her antibiotics and warnings about how she shouldn't be up and around. Not thirty seconds later, she limped out of their house to say hi to the gathering of dogs and people on the street. Sigh. On to my next project...

For the last week, we've had two sweet girls hanging out on our front porch. The older dog is named Petunia. Petunia loves Callie, which is unusual for animals -- they tend to steer clear of her unpredictable ways. Petunia looks like she's had a litter or two of puppies and not much to eat. The thought of her skinny little body getting pregnant again and nursing another litter of hungry puppies made me crazy, so I've been feeding her for about a week now, with the intention of getting her spayed. I think she's actually gained a few pounds this week and is much better hydrated than when I first saw her. Her teeth look really great, surprising for a dog who is clearly malnourished, so maybe she's not in terrible shape. Here's what she looked like lying next to our front door this morning:

The younger dog, Bubbles, is still a puppy and is all the floppy goodness that a puppy should be. She's undisciplined and happy and generous with her kisses. Brynn chose her name and none of us protested, so the name stuck. Bubbles is a silly name, yes, and it won't fit her when she's an adult, but it is cute and seems fitting for a puppy who was named by a six year old girl. And, really, I've heard sillier names chosen by little girls (ahem, Katherine, are you reading? Mommy of Pikes Peak Pretty Princess?).

Bubbles is wearing a collar, which is a bit confusing. Generally, I assume that dogs who wear collars have owners and, therefore, I try not to intrude in their lives. But this one has been sitting outside our house for a week straight and is totally BFFs with Petunia, who obviously hasn't been fed regularly in a long time, if ever. Which brings me to the conclusion that either Bubbles' owners tossed her out after she passed the first stage of roley-poley-puppy-cuteness or Bubbles got lost or Bubbles just decided that Petunia, the wanderer, was a better companion than her human companions and she ran away from home with Petunia.

Both dogs have been following us to and from school every day and chasing our car as we drive off into town. They hang out on our porch all day and all night and every time we come out our front door, they react like we're the best thing since canned food. The dogs are sweet and they deserve people who care about them. I can't be their mommy, but I can give them a better life.

So, today they went to the vet. Petunia tried to escape when I opened the hatch of the Jeep at the vet's office, but the vet grabbed her and took her inside. Bubbles behaved like the sweet puppy she is, and let me carry her into the office. I'm a little concerned that Petunia, in her emaciated state, won't deal well with the anesthesia and surgery, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And really, my ultimate hope for them is that between the folks at the vet's office and me, we can find them a loving forever home.

And then, to Scott's chagrin, I'll move onto my next project.

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Court said...

You and (my) Nick trying to save every dog. The vet is going to hate it when you move back to Colorado!