Wednesday, September 02, 2009

She removes her tiara and picks up...a dish brush?

One small component of adapting to life in Mexico has been adapting to life without a dishwasher. A few days ago, Brynn wanted to help in the kitchen while I made dinner. I'm not comfortable with kids in the kitchen while I cook. I know I should be teaching them, but I'm no fun. I'm just not. I like them to stay out of my triangle.

But...we did have a sink full of dishes and she did ask, "What can I do to help, Mom?"

"How about the dishes?" I replied sheepishly, not expecting a positive response.

"Sure! No problem!" Brynn said, with enthusiasm.

"Uh, great...go get a stool and I'll fill the sink."

So Brynn scrubbed and rinsed and set the dishes out to dry. Callie noticed the crowd in the kitchen and wanted to help, too. Callie. Callie, of I-don't-know-HOW-to-clean fame. Callie who won't pick up her own dirty kleenex or clear her sister's dirty dishes from the table.

"Umm, how about if you do the dishes after dinner, Callie?"

"Okay, but Brynn CAN'T help me."

"Yeah, I think we can arrange that."

I thought the dish enthusiasm would wear off after two dishes. Maybe three. But it's been three DAYS and they're still happy to help! I'm crossing my fingers that I can count on them for one more day! Is that too much to ask?

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