Monday, October 12, 2009

Because I know you're curious.

Here are some photos of the house we're renting here in Mexico.

The view from the street.

Bubbles and Petunia, who are usually sitting outside our front door. Bubbles is wearing the "cone of shame" to keep her from squirming through the spaces in our concrete wall in the backyard and ripping up the stitches from her spay surgery. Anyone want to adopt a sweet Mexican dog?

Scott's office. The only room with A/C!

The kitchen.

The back of the house.

The beloved pool.

The downstairs family room.

The downstairs family room from the stairs.

Heading upstairs to the palapa.

The upstairs living room, under the palapa roof. Looking from the top of the stairs.

The upstairs living room from the sofa.

The upstairs bathroom. Yes, the shower is open to the bathroom.

The cool hand-painted sink in the master bathroom.

Yours truly.

The master bedroom balcony.

The master bedroom, from the balcony looking in.

The master bedroom, from the inside. Normally the mosquito net is down around the bed, but the cleaning lady was here today and has to tie it up to make the bed and mop the floor.

The girls' bedroom.

The house is a little hot right now, but the heat index today is around 104 degrees. Everyone keeps telling us that the weather will cool down "in a few weeks." Ah ha. We're still waiting! :)


Susi said...

shorts! warm! Wow, you did realize the past weekend Colorado Springs froze? I mean we had ice crystals everywhere! Today the sun came back and reminded we why we love it here so much. Thanks for the house-tour - just plain AWESOME! Enjoy your 'vacation' - you both know it kinda is! :)

Fulton said...

the upstairs living room under the palapa roof looks like a magnificent place to hang out during cool weather. if the bugs arent bad and it's cool up there, that's where i wanna sleep!!