Friday, October 16, 2009

Heat wave.

Last night, Scott was mad. We were sitting on the sofa, trying to watch an episode of The Office online but our snail-like internet connection was making it difficult. But that's not why he was mad, although I do think it shortened his temper. I think he was mad because he was HOT. As in, sitting in one place, not moving, but sweating. His computer was on his lap, which probably didn't help (those batteries burn!), when he looked up the weather here.

It was around 9pm and the heat index was 95 degrees. Ugh. We're having a heat wave! A few days ago the evenings were comfortable and I got used to it and now this? I know it could be hotter and that in other places it probably is hotter. But we don't have air conditioning. We're hot.

The good news is that people keep telling us, "Any day now, you just wait! It's going to cool down and be beautiful!" We're waiting!

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