Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just to clarify...

lest I gave the wrong impression. Great hospitals DO exist here in Mexico -- they are not all like the one I went to. For example, there is a sweet private hospital down in Puerto Vallarta called San Javier (by the way, I can only remember the name of the hospital by thinking of "Stan Javier" from the late 1980s Oakland A's).

From what I've heard, San Javier is super modern, clean, has QUIET, PRIVATE individual rooms (imagine that!) and is very cheap. And all the doctors speak English. Wait, doctors? In a hospital? Say it ain't so! I didn't see ANY of those after I was admitted to the hospital here. Not ONE. San Javier is not free like the public hole that I went to, but extremely inexpensive when compared to what we are used to paying in America.

So, all you silly people sending me emails telling me how amazing and brave and strong I am and how you would have run for the border, I'm just here to say, no, you would have run for San Javier. And next time I will, too! And I'm not brave or strong or adventurous -- I just take the path of least resistance.

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