Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mexican graffiti

These cryptic markings are on the wall outside our front door. Until yesterday, it was just the top set of marks and I had been wondering what they were all about since all of our neighbors have similar marks next to their front doors, too. Then yesterday...the mosquito lady came. She works for the state of Nayarit and it is her job to go door to door and spray mosquito poison in the puddles to keep mosquitoes from reproducing.

A little late, right?

Uh, yeah. I hear that the mosquito-sprayers were around shortly before we arrived, but with the amount of rain we get here during the wet season, it's hard to imagine that spraying once every two months is adequate. In fact, I'm sure it's not. And I've got the bites to prove it. And the release form from the hospital, too.

What I enjoyed most about the new set of markings next to our door, though, was that both girls noticed the graffiti, individually, as they came home from school. My kids don't have a stellar history when it comes to avoiding drawing on walls, furniture, linens, lampshades, name it, they've drawn on it. With a permanent writing implement. And when they noticed that someone had written on our front wall, they were quick to point it out.

"Mom! Someone wrote on our wall!"

"Yeah! I know!"


"I think to keep track of which houses have been sprayed for mosquitoes and which haven't."

"Oh." Lots of thinking...

I'm waiting to see what will pop up on our walls next and what their excuse will be. "Oh, it's to keep track of who's eaten dinner and who hasn't. Or who's bathed and who hasn't. Or who can hold their breath longer."

I can hear their wheels turning...looking for an excuse to write on the walls. Just wait. I'm telling you, it will happen.

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