Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My morning in pictures

Whoever told me that the weather here would suddenly turn pleasant was right. Because it's suddenly, well, pleasant. The heat index here right now is about 93 degrees, but compared to 98 or 103, 93 feels downright cool. I'm actually not sweating and last night I had to turn off the fan in our room because I felt -- gasp -- chilly.

I didn't get a photo of my morning walk on the beach (which was actually a little sweaty), but I did take a few from the rest of my very stressful, busy morning.

First I took off my flip flops. (By the way, if you're coming to visit, you only need two pairs of shoes -- one indoor pair of flip flops and one outdoor pair of flip flops. Scott's mom was a little bummed that we didn't tell her that before her visit. Now you are all forewarned.)

Then I grabbed a book, some Pan de Muerto (more on that later in a Día de los Muertos post), and an iced latte with just a hint of Kahlua (clearly, it didn't occur to me to take photos until I was half done...).

And then Nacho and I spent an hour or two lounging in the shade, reading. Actually, he hopped down to catch a gecko since he hasn't yet learned to read.

Whew. This is a rough life.

Just so you know, things do balance out. The washing machine is broken for about the fifth time since we've been here and there is a leak under the kitchen faucet which is causing water to run all over the floor of our kitchen whenever we do dishes. Our house manager seems to be out of town so I can't get anyone to come fix this stuff.

Oh, and I did get Dengue. That sort of justifies the rest of this lifestyle, right? I'll just keep telling myself that...

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