Sunday, October 25, 2009

Same house, different time zones.

Last night was "fall back" night here in Mexico. I didn't know it, though, until a friend called today. When she called, my phone said that it was 1:30pm. My friend said that it was actually 11:30am. Whew...was I confused. And wondering how I'd managed to get out of making lunch for two kids and a husband who eat almost constantly.

We spent the weekend down at my dad's house house. Although he's officially in the same time zone as we are, people in his area go by Central time because Puerto Vallarta is on Central time and they are closer to PV than we are. Up here, we go by Mountain time which is really convenient since Scott works with lots of people who are on Mountain time up in the States.

Somehow, this weekend my phone switched to Central time. I don't think it did this was a super cheap phone that does nothing by itself. Usually it doesn't even ring. Not even when I'm getting a call. The phone didn't switch automatically back to standard time when the government switched, so phone ended up two hours ahead.

Now, since Americans are still on daylight savings time, Scott and I are in a bit of a conundrum. The girls and I need to stick to Pacific time (Mountain minus an hour) because that's what their school is on. Scott, on the other hand, needs to stick to Mountain time because that's how all of his daily meetings are scheduled. (Have I mentioned that he spends about six hours a day on the phone? Maybe more? In meetings? Nuts.)

This house only has one clock and I'm claiming it because it is in the kitchen. So I'm taking that one back an hour. But then I remembered that we also have a little travel alarm clock -- that is what we use to wake us up each morning. The clock is actually Scott's, but I claimed that too. Poor Scott. Scott's going to have to fend for himself. Maybe he can use his internal clock? No, I think he'll resort to wearing (or carrying) his watch and living off of that time until his coworkers catch up with him.

Until then, it's 9:30 on this sofa and 10:30 on the one where he's sitting. He'd better get to bed.

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