Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wait five minutes

So, there's the joke in Colorado that if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. It snows, then it's sunny. It's windy, then it's calm. It rains, then it's beautiful. And most of the time, it's just plain beautiful. I often tell people that we, in Colorado Springs, have the perfect climate. And I really believe it. Maybe it isn't perfect for everyone, but it's perfect for Our Little Family.

Here in Mexico, the weather doesn't change so much. It's pretty much just hot. But of course, shortly after I blogged complaining about how dang hot it is here, a hurricane started rolling toward us. I'm exaggerating -- it isn't a hurricane anymore (downgraded to a tropical storm) and it isn't really coming toward us, although from the image below, you'd think we were close to the middle of it.

We're in the south end blue area on the coast and, guess what? It's raining! And cool! The high heat index yesterday was (only) 93 and today it is going to be only 80! I think I'll turn on my oven and slow cook some pulled pork! And I might even exercise! For the first time since we got here! Because, who wants to exercise when you sweat just sitting on the couch? I like to reserve sweating exclusively for exercise and if I'm already sweating, then I feel no need to work out. And my body is doing okay -- I'm still weighing in at a few pounds under what I was when we arrived (thanks to the Dengue Diet) but I'm feeling stiff and weak and, well, crunchy. You know that feeling when you're stiff and you try to loosen up your joints and they creak and moan? That's what my neck is doing. Maybe it's because I've been away from my chiropractor for the first time in about two and a half years and my chiropractor keeps me loose (and keeps headaches at bay), but I am certain that the lack of exercise is a contributing factor. This may be the only workout I get until the next hurricane comes, but workout, here I come.

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