Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zucchini fun

What kind of fun can be had with a zucchini, you ask? Well, when you zucchini looks like this, lots!

Brynn and I were making this yummy veggie chili last night and before I cut into this goofy looking zucchini, I thought I should get a photo of Brynn with it. She went silly on me, but I got it all on film. So here she is, demonstrating all of the fun that can be had with a zucchini.

First of all, you can use it to make a phone call.

You can always wear it like a necklace.

But only rock stars wear weird jewelry like that, so you should pretend to be a rock star.

Oh, shoot. That's a bummer when your zucchini breaks.

You could put it back together...?

Or use it as props for your modern dance (modern dance requires b&w, dontcha think?)

No! Those zucchini parts are perfectly suited to kung fu!

No, that's too silly.

Or maybe not? Hiiiii-YA!

Ooooooooh. I coming to get you, mosquito.

When that gets boring, you could have a snack.

Or just forget about the zucchini completely.

And make faces at your mom while she snaps away.

Feeling grumpy?

See? I told you lots of fun could be had with a zucchini!


Lisa Sharp said...

Such cute pictures!!

3boys247 said...

Who is the kid in the pictures? The Brynn I know still looks like a little girl. These are pictures of a big kid. What did Mexico do to Brynn? Was it the water?