Sunday, November 08, 2009

Day at the beach.

My nose is a little toasty. I should have re-applied sunscreen when I was thinking about it. Grrr.

All of my sunscreen must have rubbed off on the back of my camera! Here are some photos from our day at the beach today.

Brynn is obviously well on the road to recovery from Dengue, although she did sleep all afternoon. We'll probably do a half day of school tomorrow so that she can sleep tomorrow afternoon, too.

Checking out the waves.

Jumping the waves!

Do you sometimes wonder how kids end up with sand in EVERY crevice of their bodies?

One of Callie's many rocks. Her school bag never has school work in it, but always has a new collection of rocks, leaves, sticks, and flowers. Every day.

Libbie and her best friend.

Waiting for lunch -- shrimp empanadas and tacos. Yum!

Back to the beach for sunset, just Callie and me since Brynn was still napping. Oh, and we had three dogs with us, too. Libbie, Petunia, and Bubbles (the latter two, I still maintain are NOT my dogs, they just live on the front porch).

Hurricane Rick caused some serious changes at our beach. Among them is this huge hill of sand that separates the beach into a higher level and a lower level. The sand is slowly coming back, but in the meantime, the girls love to slide down the sand in between the levels.

Callie running with the pack.

I don't remember what she was laughing at here, but she was seriously happy. Unfortunately, a second before this photo, I was taking photos of the sunset and had the shutter speed set way too fast to get a shot of Callie. This image was really dark, but I did my best to clean it up and bring her back.

Crazy beautiful sunset, eh? I've got to make a goal to see it a few times a week. Usually I'm in the kitchen making dinner, but that seems like serious misuse of my time when I could be enjoying this:


Lisa Sharp said...

Such cute pictures!

Natalie Foy said...

Wow, what a fabulous picture of Callie. She looks so happy. That sunset sure looks nice, too! I've been thinking about the whole Dickman clan, and thought it was time I caught up on your life via the blog. We are really excited to spend time with you in January.