Thursday, November 26, 2009

¡Feliz Día de dar las Gracias!

A few people have asked me whether we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Mexico. Of course we will! It's in our DNA. But today will be a little different.

Like, for instance, our children are in school today! Can I just is SO much easier to make a Thanksgiving meal (or parts thereof) when only one's HUSBAND is begging for food and attention, and not one's husband AND children.

Also, we ran out of propane last night as I began to prepare bits of our Thanksgiving meal. Running out of cooking fuel has not ever happened to me before, and certainly not while prepping for Thanksgiving.

Then there's the fact that I'm wearing a camisole-style tank top and am feeling pretty good. Not too hot, not too cold. That's a bit different from home.

Some things will be the same. Lots of turkey (although not a Heritage Turkey like we'd buy at home), lots of stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, and wine. And lots of people gathered to celebrate together.

Scott just yelled, "Touchdown, Detroit Lions!!!" Football, which he must be watching on his computer because we can't watch it on our TV, remains the same.

But, really, we don't need football and traditional Thanksgiving food to remember to give thanks. We could just as easily gather around a meal of tacos and horchata and be thankful. Maybe even more this year, knowing that we're already more than a third of the way through our time in Mexico.

We're feeling thankful today and hope that you are too!

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lucythevaliant said...

Running out of cooking fuel - you are a trooper!