Thursday, November 12, 2009

Her favorite things

Brynn dressed up as a rock star for Halloween. Yes, it appears that maybe we left her zipper down. Oops.

Brynn has a new English teacher at school. English as in ESL, not as in grammar and spelling (unfortunate, I know).

Her new English teacher was quizzing the kids earlier this week, asking them about their favorite things. Here were Brynn's. I'm sure they were not the same as the rest of the kids in her class.

Favorite food: Linguine with Clam Sauce and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. (I make a mean version of each, if I do say so myself.)
Favorite sport: Hockey and golf. Can't choose just one. (I KNEW I'd have a hockey player in the family, even if I couldn't manage to give birth to a boy!)
Favorite animal: What? I don't have a favorite animal! There are too many and I love them all! (She is, after all, planning to be a part-time animal rescuer.)

I love it when my kids surprise me like this. I would have guessed her favorites would be Mac and Cheese, miniature golf, and Libbie. Just another reminder that she is her own person!

Oh, and she lost another tooth yesterday. That means she's missing five teeth right now. All at the same time.


Lisa Sharp said...

Aw very cute!

Fulton said...

she's very 80's rockerish. im impressed with the microphone, that's creative.

lucythevaliant said...

Love the tattoo sleeve!

Hillary Dickman said...

The microphone had to be hands-free...otherwise it surely would have been left behind somewhere along the way.

The tattoo sleeve is by FAR my favorite part of the outfit!

Grandma said...

I love the tatoo sleeve too. Great outfit!