Monday, November 16, 2009

Home forever.

Petunia enjoying the beach at sunset.

Sweet, protective, dominant, determined, gentle, aware, playful, kid-friendly...these are some of the words I would use to describe Petunia, one of the dogs who decided back in mid-September, to make our front porch her home. Ever since that time, I've been trying to find her a new home and today, I think I finally did! Petunia and her pal, Bubbles, were recently featured as the Pets of the Week in a local gringo paper and shortly after the paper came out, a man who was interested in adopting Petunia called to see if she was still available.

Heh heh. Still available? Sure...but watch out, people are beating down the door to adopt these two dogs!

I wish.

Anyway, we met for a few minutes at the vet's office so that he could spend a little time with Petunia. Then he took her on what we jokingly called their "first date" so that he could get to know her. Then, this weekend, he took her for a few days while Our Little Family left town to snorkel and sail.

And today, when I called him to let him know that I was back in town and he could drop Petunia off he said the precious words that I'd been waiting to hear..."I don't think there is a dog out there who fits me better than Petunia." Woohoo! His words sent chills through me and I knew Petunia was home. Over the past two days she seems to have adjusted well to his home out in the jungle and he said she "looks almost noble sitting out there on the porch" with her ears perked up surveying the untouched acres around her.

Although everything and everyone seemed to be against me getting this spirited dog adopted to a loving home (one member of our family may have even called her "the big rat who barks"), a loving home is what she found! Her new person didn't even hang up on me during my lecture about buying the highest quality dog food he can afford! How's that for a match made in heaven?

Bubbles, the other half of this doggy pair, is still hanging out looking for a home and is probably feeling a little lonely. With all of my might, I'm hoping her time will come soon. She, too, deserves a person to call her own.


Laureen said...

I am so happy for Petunia!!! I hope she will love her new master and new home. Bubbles needs a family with small children. She is still very playful.

Scott Dickman said...

Mom - Bubbles is not longer playful. She misses her friend and told me the other day the only thing that would make her happy is moving to Michigan. What a coincidence.

lucythevaliant said...

Aww, I love a happy ending!

Laureen said...

Scott thats funny. We don't have small children here anymore. She wouldn't be happy in Michigan with all the snow!

Lisa Sharp said...

How wonderful! It was so great of you guys to take care of her and find her a good home!

Bri!!! said...

This makes me smile. We have a mutt/blue healer that looks like a south american dog. We found her at the animal shelter in Utah and thought we would give her a try. She is ugly, but such an amazing little thing. She thinks Dan walks on water, which makes Dan feel pretty dang special. He adores her. Every time someone rescues a dog I get happy. I wish people would let go of "breed" "looks" and puppies. Gracie is a better dog than most I know. YAY FOR PETUNIA!

Hillary Dickman said...

Amen, Bri! I am all for rescues, too. I get so tired of hearing, "Well, I want to know what I'm getting." Or, "If I get a puppy, then it will grow up with my kids and be better with them." That's just b.s.

I very firmly believe that only valid reason for adopting a certain breed is if it is a working dog like a guide dog or herding dog or something. Other than that, it's rescues all the way. Luckily, they are cheap and there are plenty of them to go around!