Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shrimp guts

Can I just say that I hate shrimp guts?

And I know, I know...complaining about the abundance of cheap, clean, fresh shrimp guts here is like complaining that my two karat diamond ring makes my fingers look short. Or something. Wait, no, I don't have a two karat diamond ring. But you get my drift.

Anyway...shrimp guts. This afternoon I beheaded, deshelled, deveined, and cleaned one kilo of shrimp (that's 2.2 pounds to you non-metric folks). The guy who sold them to me put all the big shrimp on top so I was quite annoyed when I got to the second layer of shrimp and found that they were all about the size of my pinky finger, including the heads and those beady black eyes.

Grr, ick, bleh.

I guess shrimp just aren't my thing. In fact, give me any other kitchen job. I'd be happy to take it.

The shrimp are finally all clean. And my fingers are wrinkly. Maybe this will be my last encounter with tiny, head-on shrimp. Ugh.


lucythevaliant said...

yuck! I don't like shrimp on principle (they look too much like bugs) but I bet I would HATE to have all that stuff to them. You're a trooper!

Court said...

Nick just picked up a pound for free at Earth Fare (similar to Whole Foods). Luckily they were shelled, beheaded and deveined, but not as fresh as when we get them at the farmers market. Oh well, the price (or lack their of) you pay.