Thursday, November 12, 2009

So mad she could spit

Have you heard that expression before? "I'm so mad I could spit!" I think I've heard it before. I'm not making it up, right? I've never actually used it myself. Usually when I'm mad I want to sit down and have a calm discussion about what is making me angry. Just kidding. I want to punch someone. Or throw something. Or slam a door so hard it breaks the door frame (never done that before...never). Spitting doesn't normally come to mind.

Unfortunately, the same is not true of my children. I think it started a year or two ago when Brynn was so mad at Callie that she spit in her face. Or maybe she spit in Scott's face. I'm not sure. Now, when she's REALLY mad, she spits at the floor. Not always, but enough to make me wonder about her. She always has to come back and clean the spit up but, nonetheless, it is a disturbing habit. And Callie is starting to copy it. She spit on the floor just yesterday!

What in the world?

I have to say, there are many regrettable things that Scott and I do and say when we're mad (this is difficult to admit when one teaches classes on interpersonal communication although my testimony entertains my students to no end), but spitting is not among our ways of dealing with anger. The lack of spitting in her parental role models makes me wonder where Brynn learned it. Or is it just an innate response in some people who don't have the tools to deal with their anger more constructively? Is that why we have the expression "so mad I could spit?"

It is an expression, right? Right? Because if not, then there's something really wrong with my kids!


Bri!!! said...

Yes, that is an expression. I'm sure it's innate in some people. I remember when I had to restrain a girl at work she spit in my face.

Hillary Dickman said...

My first thought was, "Good, at least my girls aren't alone." My second thought was, "Oh no! People really do this? What hope is there for my children?!"

Fulton said...

i think the entire "spitting when you're mad" behavior is a learned habit. i really dont see any way that's innate. id be willing to bet she saw a kid do it at school.