Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet cake

Brynn's seventh birthday party was a week ago and I still haven't had a chance to post much about it, but I do at least want to share a couple of photos with you. First, this cake knocked our flip-flops off. It was made by Pie in the Sky bakery and they did a phenomenal job, both with the cake and the decoration. Brynn wanted a beach scene with turtles on it. We brought the turtles to the bakery and they planned around them. Very fun. And very tasty.

As you might imagine (if you spend a lot of time around little kids), EVERY kid requested a piece of cake with the wave on it.

I also realize that I never shared a photo of the finished invitation with you. Invitations are, apparently, not necessary here since most people wait until about half an hour after the party starts to decide whether or not they're coming. I might as well have told them about the party the day before. Nevertheless, I thought the invites were super cute and Brynn ended up wearing a dress that looked nearly identical to the one on the invite. This photo is not as focused as I'd like, but you'll get the idea. Identifying info has been removed, scary Internets!

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